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Certificate of completition of training - skin cancer early detection certificate
pigmentation removal at love laser clinic

Pigmentation Removal

Love Laser Clinic is Level 5 qualified in Laser Pigmentation Removal and has completed the MASCED PRO (melanoma and skin cancer early detection) training programme.

Treatments include fading and removing pigmentation patches, also called age or sun spots and selected birtmarks..
Prices start from £50 per session depending on the size of the area.
If you wish to check the price before you book an appointment, please send a photograph of the area you would like treated via WhatsApp, Email or Book Here
*Please note that moles cannot be treated.
* This treatment is unsuitable for skin types IV to VI (brown to black skin).
*Consultation and test patch is required 24hrs beforehand.
*Clients must not be on a course of antibiotics, chemotherapy or pregnant, to be eligible for treatment.

Solar Lentigines (Sun Spots/Age Spots)

These are mostly larger, oval or round patches of tan or brown coloured skin and are usually referred to as age spots. In comparison to freckles, they are usually darker, larger and have a more defined shape. They also tend to stay this way regardless of the amount of sun exposure and are more commonly found on the face, chest and the backs of hand.
They are caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, happening when UV radiation causes pigmented cells called melanocytes in the skin to multiply. 
These can sometimes be removed in just one treatment and each treatments takes just seconds.

Treatment: the dark pigment absorbs the laser light energy which leads to the destruction of the melanin, by breaking it up into small particles. They will crust within 48hrs and peel in 7-14 days. Treatment can be repeated in four weeks if necessary. 
Aftercare: Avoid sun exposure on the treated area and keep clean and dry. Aloe Vera can be used to moisturise.

pigmentation removal nottinghamshire
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